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the Beginning


Dry-cleaning is the textile and garment washing process that uses solvent instead of water.
This process is particularly effective in removing all impurities from the textile, whether they are part of the fabric or originated during earlier stages in the manufacturing process.

La Fonte, reparto lavaggio a secco

A company’s value is given by the people who work and have worked in it

Since the beginning LA FONTE believes that the company’s success is due to the value of her cooperators that with their experiences and capabilities have made it grown day after day. We would like to name each and everyone one of them, but the list would be too long. We will only name a few even if they are all present in our hears: Pasquale, Gino, Pietro, Cesare and Giuseppe.

Since 2022 our history has changed

An even more excellent service thanks to our trusted suppliers

2022 is the year that sees the begin of our cooperation with La Tris & Co. Srl, a company that shares the values of La Fonte and has them in their DNA: respect for its employees and cooperators, commitment for work, attitude of service to the customers.

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