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The company in a workmanlike manner

For the achieving of the highest quality level requested by customers, La Fonte devotes itself with passion to all the organizational, productive and management phases.
It is not just a legislative obligation, quality assurance represents for our company an added value which allows us to distinguish ourselves from the other enterprises on the market.

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  • 231

  • The Organizational Model 231 introduced by the Legislative Decree of June 8, 2001 is the set of protocols that define and regulate the corporate structure and the management of its sensitive processes by introducing the concept of corporate administrative responsibility toward the dictates required by legal regulations.
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  • CE

  • Code of Ethics: moral rights and duties defining ethical-social responsibilities and the principles any participants in the work activity must comply.
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  • m-rsl

  • Manufacturing-Restricted Substances List: it’s a list of chemical substances recognized as dangerous or partially admitted in business processes or in those of the production chain
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  • Org

  • L'organigramma aziendale è una rappresentazione grafica che rende semplice la comprensione di come l'azienda è strutturata e organizzata, evidenziandone ruoli, legami funzionali e gerarchici, divisione dei compiti e delle responsabilità di tutte le risorse che ne sono coinvolte.
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  • EP

  • Environmental Policy: document defining commitments, goals and actions the company puts in place to improve its environmental performances
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  • reach

  • Registration Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals is an informative document on substances in products and processing cycles
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  • Welfare

  • The corporate welfare plan is the set of initiatives, goods and services made available to its employees to promote their improved well-being and meet their own and family needs.