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Impossible treatments

The courage to innovate

The world always presents us with new challenges, knowing how to face them with courage and competence is our way to overcome them. This is why we continuously develop innovative solutions and treatments, offering customized services to our customers, able to respond to the needs of the moment. Because what seemed impossible, today becomes reality.

Dry Bact System

Total protection of fabrics, sanitation and waterproofing renewable over time

Thanks to the combined action of ZeroWet® and BioRemove SV, the treatment, exclusivity of LaFonte, guarantees total and lasting protection of fabrics, giving them high water repellency, stain resistance and sanitization of germs and bacteria.

Waterproofing treatment.
Non-toxic (fluoro-free)
The treatment process is carried out with a water-based product therefore free of fluorine and formaldehyde.
The product of the processing can be used until exhaustion.
Continuous reactivation
The activation of the water-repellent characteristics at low temperatures allows the action of the treatment to be renewed at any time.
Hand and softness
The low temperature treatment avoids the stiffening of the processed fibers.
Breathability unchanged
The tested treatment that does not cause alteration on the breathability of the materials and fibers.
Bio Remove SV 2.0
Sanitizing treatment.
The treatment is used for the disinfection and sanitization of fabrics and surfaces. Compatible with cationic and non-ionic products, it works in both acid and alkaline environments, of organic and mineral nature. Bio Remove Sv doesn’t need polymerization and works indiscriminately at any temperature.

Delavé Treatment

Bleaching and ageing of fabric

Finishing treatment for bleaching and ageing applicable on linen, cotton and other fibers by means of specific enzymes or by products, such as crystal powder, liquid pumice and softeners of various kinds, capable of reproducing particular effects and "hands".

Tactile Treatments

The hand of fabric

Finishing treatments which, thanks to the properties of the polyurethane, wax and rubber used, modify the tactile appeal, compactness and consistency of the fabric, also giving it greater resistance.

Wash and bleach in swatches

Jeans and Denim fabric

Finishing treatments on swatches capable of bleaching, softening, stabilizing the color, opticating, able to teasel and grind the denim.

"Spritz and Tumble" Treatment

The softness of steam

A treatment that, thanks to the skillful use of steam, in a delicate way, gives the new garment or the fabric in swatches a greater volume and softness so as to make it appear as if it were already worn or used, all without altering its fundamental structure.


Each piece is a unique work of art

Staining is a particular treatment with a high creative content for which, while controlling the distribution and intensity of the stains, each process turns out to be a unique and unrepeatable "piece", carried out with products and machinery developed ad hoc, it can be applied on fabrics of every type and consistency.